can handle all kind of goods transportation to any destination.


first class container operator and can handle all kind of cargo,

Genmar Shipping Company

All Over The World


GENMAR S.A has been established in may 1995, as an independent ship agent in Tunis, La Goulette and Rades port.
As a fledgeling and during the first half year of its activity it effected the consignment of 95 vessels most of which were conventional cargo vessels.
The team making up the company counted 4 persons in a building not spacious enough to harbour more than a dozen and by the standards of shipping a low attitude. One year later the company has expanded even beyond the schedule and pratically doubled its activity and the management was held under great pressure to move on different levels to meet the demands which became overwhelming.
Armed with the force of will, a new building able to harbour 80 persons was bought and no questions raised.
The personnel more than doubled and the sake for a highly qualified staff launched.

The attitude as from 1997 adapted by the management was foresee any urgency and therefore number of new staff well qualified and enjoying veterans experience joined the team to make face to the exacting demands of the shipping field.

Endowed with a team of commercial and experienced in the field of the international multimodal transport, and well equipped with two bonded warehouses and a depot for containers and trailers.
Genmar also representing first class container operator and can handle all kind of cargo, to and from all destinations.
In fact it is now rated one of the leading in its sector with a well extended scope of activity and a list of customers unparalleled.

We are proud to state that our operational team is the best in the Tunisian ports thanks to the long experience with SEA MALTA COMPANY ,MEDFEEDER and U.F.S.

We are very well covered for errors and omissions.


  • Aggressive sales team.
  • Highly experienced and well trained staff            ( most of them have got merchant marine diploma).
  • Extensive knowledge of the local market.
  • Wide network for marketing.
  • Strong relations with the port and airport authorities.


Registered & Officially Licensed to perform :

  • Shipping Agency.
  • All Airfreight Operations.
  • Freight Forwarding & Groupage.
  • Ship’s Brokering.
  • Cargo Agent.
  • Customs Clearing Agent.


  • Dedicated IT Department.
  • All Offices connected via Wide Area Networks.
  • State of the Art Software & Hardware.
  • Modern Communication Systems.
  • ISO Certified since 2005(ISO 9001:2008 (TUV)).
  • Located in Tunis, with representations in all Tunisian Ports (Tunis La Goulette/Rades, Bizerte/Menzel Bourguiba, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes, Zarzis, Skhira).


Tramp agency is GENMAR core business, on which our reputation in shipping was built. Our strong network of agencies covering all Tunisian ports in the backbone of our group, providing agency services and shipping expertise at the lowest possible cost to ship-owners, ship-managers, traders, brokers and other industry interests.


TUNISIAN LOGISTICS ASSOCIATION is the most important platform for logistics created in TUNISIA , its first mission is to developp in association with the europeen bank for investment a new generation of talented logisticians in a programm called LOGISMED .

The president of T.L.A is MR noureddine younsi with more than 25 years of experience in the transportation field,the main goal of the association is to collaborate with other europeen associations like ELA (THE EUROPEEN LOGISTICS ASSOCIATION) to minimize the logistics costs between both sides in the mediterraneen sea (north and south).


GENMAR has a solid reputation among its customers for integrity and professionalism.
As member of SMDG, WCA, IPON, ESOWARE and FONASBA, our agencies receive regular updates on shipping regulations and practices.